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In the pursuit of economic benefits at the same time, the company pays attention to the
construction of the enterprise culture, so that the spirit of enterprise constantly emerge,
to enhance cohesion, improve social image.

Yongkang bridge plastics factory is located in China science and technology hardware city -- - yongkang.
Brand: the company has its own seal HTL wong tai to sealing strip
After 15 years of rapid development, in the field of doors and Windows sealing strip has become one of the largest manufacturers in China.And in 2014, successfully open the European market, products are exported to Germany, France, Belgium, Turkey, the Netherlands, the United States, Vietnam and other places.
The factory specializing in the production of fire prevention, coated type sealing strip, sealing strip of security door.The fire door sealing strip has passed the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center detect qualified, there are two big series - PFJ - A, PFJ - B.Including fire month sales volume of 5 million meters...
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